7 Designers for Seven Dials – Graphic Design Company India, Branding & Collateral Design

graphic design company india

7 Designers for Seven Dials started as a concept to highlight the entrance points to the Seven Dials village and add colour and excitement to the area. This developed into a concept that also supported the design industry by commissioning seven designers to work on a brief dedicated to the Seven Dials area.

In conjunction with London Design Festival and in association with Dezeen, leading online design and architecture magazine,

I-AM Beyond commissioned seven emerging designers to each create an aerial installation based on the history of Seven Dials & Graphic design company india

A ‘Dezeen Super Store’ pop-up ran alongside the project and was used as a hub for customers to collect information regarding the installations and purchase products produced by the seven designers. I-AM Beyond created a full brand identity for the project and produced a suite of collateral that included a navigational map to encourage people to explore the full area.

7 Designers for Seven Dials was successful in attracting key influencers from the London design community to the area and also stimulated an increase in footfall across the duration

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