Branding and Retail Trends for 2016

Localising the offering


While overall the brand and its experience should be a constant across geographies, one needs to tweak elements of the marketing and service mix to suit the needs of the local market. Building brand affinity can be enhanced by adding an element of comfort and familiarity in the branding and space design in order to connect emotionally with your consumers.

Starbucks adds an element of localisation not only in tweaking its product offering to suits local market sensitivities and tastes but also infuses local cultural elements within its retail space enhancing the consumer’s comfort levels while encouraging repeat visits.

Our Brand Communications team believes in doing things differently, specialising in below-the-line marketing strategies that get your brand noticed, talked about and remembered through bespoke campaigns – think pop-up stores, guerrilla retail campaigns and unique brand experiences.

We focus on building brand communities through word-of-mouth, influencer campaigns and social media techniques. As a one-stop solution for Fashion, Retail and Lifestyle companies that want to set themselves apart, we offer everything from consumer insight to creative workshops, strategic thinking through to delivery, production and complete roll-out of campaigns.

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